About us

We started to evaluate the experience we have gained since the 1990s under the roof of Alkeba in 2014. Alkeba is the solution point for many institutions and organizations in the industrial epoxy and polyurethane floor coverings sector in Turkey and has developed itself professionally in this field.
Alkeba, which aims at compliance with international standards and continuous development in all its activitiesP. it has managed to be among the leading companies in its sector with the products it has produced, sold , developed and project applications up to today.

New vision for the new millennium  ;

Alkeba Construction A.S enters the new millennium with a new vision: it specializes in industrial epoxy flooring that dominates the world. Its sole goal is to contribute to the development of its country through rapid and innovative growth.


Expansion of areas of activity  ;


The business areas of the Alkeba community expand significantly. The company now; Terrazzo floor coverings , floor polishing ,industrial concrete Applications , epoxy and polyurethane wall coatings , road marking, industrial coatings traffic marking services in the industry operates in many areas including routing .One of the most important stages in its development is the institutionalization effort.


Continuous and unchanging goal ;


Increasingly create added value within the body to areas Algebra A. the constructionŞ carries out all its activities with the principles of corporate governance, customer satisfaction, social responsibility and environmental protection in accordance with international standards. He continues his journey, which began years ago, with a growth strategy focused on development and efficiency.
Our confidence in ourselves and Turkey’s future leads us to set ambitious goals. We know that it is only possible to achieve these goals through a strategic management approach.

It has tried to comply with the norms determined for the environmental qualities of the products in terms of its sectors and to support the products that have been implemented . With the development of its eco-friendly product and service portfolio, Alkeba Inşaat A.While increasing the competitiveness of ş, it continues its environmental entrepreneurship.